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Our High-Powered Marketing System is a unique Sales Engine that helps business owners, entrepreneurs, and decision makers get more customers and sales in 90 days without wasting time posting daily on social media, losing money bringing in low quality leads, or slow to no results so they can boost sales and revenue.

Case Study

For a long time, The Love Vitamin lacked a site that could grow their teaching programs. They knew very well that it was time for change.

They wanted to expand their blog operations on online and so they sought the services of an SEO company to help turn their idea and year-end goal into a reality.


What We Did

Our SEO experts came up with an effective strategies to make it happen. From extensive research on keywords to the coding of the site, we started to ramp up their organic search, and established their brand online with their audience. TLV had a lot of training programs to showcase, and what they really needed was a more user-friendly website and increased volume of visitors.

The Results

The outcomes of the strategic path taken were simply out of this world. Within two years, the total sales of their programs had increased by over 2000%! That wasn’t all, the overall organic traffic and leads were both on an upward trend.




In summary, the case studies highlight the significant improvements we achieved. Increased number of visitors, growth in the total sales and an upward trend in conversion rates showed that our marketing strategies and marketing technology were taking businesses to places. You only have to get the right professionals to partner with, and the sky’s the limit! In all these cases, we provided the expertise, consultation, implementation and execution.



We guarantee results in 3 months or we will work for free until improvements can be seen, if all recommendations are followed!