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TherapyFILM: An AI Sales Funnel Case Study

TherapyFILM, which received an award, was produced by Guion Partners and Sony Music Productions. They intended to increase their fan base and encourage them to shop at their new Sony Shop.


How PPC Impacts Social Media

TherapyFILM demonstrated that you don’t need a large social media following to generate new PPC interactions. In this example, we use Facebook and Instagram to increase their fan base.

Developing Fans through Facebook

Targeting a fan base can result in more followers. In this situation, we increased the number of Facebook followers by more than 1000%.

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Understanding the Audience

Knowing everything about TherapyFILM’s target demographic becomes critical to operating a successful campaign. This was the result of much research. Evaluating the audience and gender is one of them.

Fans Need Great Targeting

TherapyFILM has a wide range of generic products, which proved difficult to manage. But, with the appropriate combination of targeting, analysis, and sequenced techniques, we were able to attract thousands of people’s attention.

The Results Were Fantastic

Therapy Film generated over 5200 leads via a combination of brand and product campaigns, getting over 245,000 impressions! Despite their tight budget, we were able to purchase leads for as little as $1 to $2 per lead, saving the organization a significant amount of money.

Acquiring Permanent Assets

Potential leads can be moved farther down the marketing funnel, where additional touch points, such as email campaigns, keep the lead updated. Following that, the audience is offered with articles and new goods that are relevant to their interests.

Preparing to Blast Off!

Therapy Film has become more of a movement than just a movie because it has won so many awards. The PPC campaign had a huge effect on how well it did. Because of this, the company has decided to have us not only update TherapyFILM for its future but also split it into sub-brands like the new TherapySKIN line.

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